Monday, 7 July 2008

Laughin' Nose - "I Can't Trust A Woman" b/w "Get The Glory" 7"

1985, AA Records, Japan
1. I Can’t Trust A Woman

2. Get The Glory

The irrepressible Laughin’ Nose, one of Japan’s oldest and most well known punk bands. They’ve been going since the early 80s with their music transcending the punk ghetto. I have met quite a few Japanese people in the last year, and of course, none of them are punk. But, most of them know Laughin’ Nose! One girl had even broken her ribs crowd surfing to them back in the day.

I first heard them on the (bootlegged) “Great Punk Hits” (featuring front man Charmy on the cover) and “Hardcore Unlawful Assembly” compilations. Between the blown-out fuzz and metallic thrash styling’s of such contemporaries as GISM, Outo and Lipcream, there was Laughin’ Nose, to break things up and take the edge off things with their own enthusiastic brand of anthemtic, energetic melodic punk rock. These songs are just so damn catchy and fun, and after some seriously intense music, both politically and musically, I thought I could do with lightening the mood.

As I said, they are still going and have tons of records out, of which I have a couple. When I go to Japan later in the year, I hope to find more both easily and cheaply. These recordings come from 1985, but I believe they were originally released on AA as far back as 1980. What’s interesting about this record is the catalogue number states PR for promo, yet there is an 1000 Yen price tag on the sleeve. Charmy, their singer, was also involved in the production of the legendary Punk On Wave magazine.

"Come on nuts, have some fun tonight, oi oi oi!"

Laughin’ Nose Website. Laughin’ Nose Myspace.

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Slobodan Burgher said...

Thanks for this, esp the artwork (got it on the discography 2cd already). Seems LaughinNose sometimes are looked down on by some hard core punks in Japan, for being sellouts...but I am not sure.

And check this out:

LAUGHIN' NOSE - quick interview (taken from U.N.K.O. #2 zine)

Q: Give us a quick history of LAUGHIN' NOSE. How long has the group been around, and were there any important member changes?
A: We started five years ago. Many member changes. When Pon joined the band, we started AA Records, this was an important change.
Q: How long will the group go for?
A: Untill all men can trust all women.
Q: With songs like Pussy For Sale, and I Can't Trust A Woman, some people have said that you all are sexist, any response?
A: My predjudice comes from problems with women in the past. My message is personal and comes from my heart.
Q: Does LAUGHIN' NOSE have any particular policy or belief?
A: Senso hantai (anti-war)
Q: Any future plans you can tell us of?
A: AA Records will a new compilation. LAUGHIN' NOSE will be included and we'll do a new single version of Get The Glory.
Q: What music influences LAUGHIN' NOSE?
Q: Is there any reason for avoiding political themes in the lyrics?
A: Gimmie Job and Pussy For Sale are political at the same time they are personal! These songs express inequality in lower class citizens and unemployment problems. Other songs such as Senso Hantai (anti-war) and Perdition are truly Political!!!!
Q: Last comments?
A: I can't trust woman and government! Positive punk go away!!!

HA ha aha!!!!