Sunday, 6 July 2008

Dir Yassin - "Hitpakchut" 7"

2003, La Vida Es Un Mus Records, UK
1. God Forgotten Place
2. Saving Selfishness
3. Prove Me Wrong
4. Manichean Scheme
5. Sobering
6. How Much Really Can I Hate
7. A Minute Of Silence
8. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
9. No. 3
10. Actually, You Said Nothing
11. Innocent Lamb
12. Save Them From The Abyss Of Forgetfulness
13. Confirmation Killing
14. Something For Nothing (White Cross)

Another one of my favourite records. The third and final release from Israel’s premier hardcore band. Now deceased, all their material has been reissued as a discography 12” on Alerta Antifascista.

This is fucking brutal hardcore, nothing like it. Sometimes it’s so relentless with the drumming it falls into grind territory, and the vocals are something else, thick Hebrew sang from the back of the throat. A highly politicised band, I guess coming from Israel you have to be, with a strong anti-Zionist message. All the songs in some away are related to the conditions in their homeland.

I believe the singer is now in Smartat Kahol Lavan, whose 7” I hope to share with you soon.

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Slobodan Burgher said...

great stuff, cheers