Monday, 7 July 2008

Burnt Cross - "Arms Trade, Death Trade" 7"

2008, Tadpole Records, UK
1. Arms Trade. Death Trade
2. Hate Of The Holy
3. Smash The Labs

The second of three singles released this year. Burnt Cross are a new band comprising two brothers from Brighton. They create a powerful dosage of anarcho punk through the use of computer equipment and drums machines, as I said, they’re a two man band. Due to that fact they’ve been likened to Cress and although I hear similarities they’re not as crusty or industrial, more drawing influences from in your face straight thinking Mortarhate bands such as Conflict and Exit-Stance.

I’ve been constantly impressed by the quality of their out put since their inception. I posted this single because, for me, the first track “Arms Trade, Death Trade” is a future classic. It’s singalong tune brings home the fearsome political distain contained within. It’s particularly pertinent as, I believe, it’s a reference to the Smash EDO campaign. The campaign is against some dirty fucking bastards who are so warped and twisted they don’t really see anything wrong in making missile guidance systems. The campaign has been really successful and has politicised a lot of local residents. As a result, everybody’s favourite little bitches, the Police, have replied in kind with censorship of any sympathetic media, and cowardly violence.

The problem with music like this is that you can not sit at home, listen to it an enjoy it. The only place in entertainment it has is as a theme to some video of rioting. Despite being a cracking little release, I can’t play this without fear of being incited to go out onto the streets and demonstrate.

All three 7”s are limited to 200 copies each. The label, Tadpole, which is a relatively new UK label is download to their last copies, so you better be quick if you want one! Americans should try Hardcore Holocaust.

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Anonymous said...

hey great blog so far - i was looking at your trade list through your link and saw that you had the second indian dream 7". it would be great if you could post it here if you ever get the chance.
cheers - mike.