Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Heresy in Headrot Zine, Issue 3

So as my pen-pal and legendary zinester Mel Direct Hit is on the hunt for old Heresy and Depraved photos, I'd thought I'd post this. Can't be arsed to scan the whole zine at the moment, here's the last five pages which feature a rather long and in-depth interview with cult UK thrashers Heresy. From the line up featured in the interview, the zine must have come out around 1987/1988. If anyone has a copy of "Thanks!" they wanna trade, I'm your man!

I hope you enjoy, if you can read the super small type font. Headrot was an A4 zine from Bath, Avon, published in the late 1980s. I believe 4 issues were produced. I could be wrong through.

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Marcelo Arrigue said...

Hello!! I loved this interview, so I'm really interested on reading the whole zine. Can you post it?

Thanx in Advanced!!