Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Future Now! Zine, Issue 1

1987, UK, 32 Pages.


A rare treat for you here, the UK version of Maximum Rock and Roll! OK, well it's not actually a UK version of Maximum RnR, but back in the day this is what this zine aimed for. Unfortuantly, only 1 Issue was produced, and here it is, all scanned to .jpeg format and zipped in a handy WinRAR file.

The zine was put together back in 1987 by various Nottingham 'Scenesters' of the day, most notably John March and Kalv from Heresy, Digby Pearson of Earache Records fame, at that rather scary looking bald geezer called Trev, who I believe used to drive Heresy around and is in loads of their photos from that era. Like Maximum RnR, it aimed not just to cover hardcore punk, but associated politics and interests. That's why amongst the interviews with BGK, Head of David and Visions Of Change/Depraved you will find a dairy from Dave Ross, the drummer of Australian band Civil Dissident, a scene report from the Netherlands, a rather random report on life in Japan, articles on horror movies and serial killers and a photo montage of gnarly old skateboarding dudes!

Probably my favourite pieces of the zines are the documents of lates 80's hardcore - old record reviews (some classic Japanese hardcore next to LL Cool J!), scene news, adverts, tour dates, live photos and columns. There's a good transcript of a general meeting of the magazine staff where they all just sit round discussing various topics.

The zine itself is printed on some weird type of glossy paper. I've never seen anything like it - it's the feel of PVC! It came with a 3 track 7" flexi discs featuring unreleased tracks by the Depraved, Stupids and Heresy. The Heresy track is a still unreleased version of 'Make The Connection.'

I believe it's now quite hard to come by, and would command good money on ebay. If you're interested in more old punk zines, please see Punk Is Hippies.


Slobodan Burgher said...

Ah, nice one! Can I repost this at punksIshippies?



thrashsillymagazine said...

Of course you can boss, but it's probably best you host it yourself - have forgotten my Mediafire password and I don't know how long Rapidshare'll be up.

I've got a load of old zines from the mid to late 80s, anything in particular you want me to scan?

Slobodan Burgher said...

Cool, all sorted, with .zip file mirror!


I have no particular preferences or requests but have a look first (i.e.e search the blog) that a zine has not been posted before so you don't spend time scanning a zine that's already there ;)


Slobodan Burgher said...

oh - drop me a line at slobodanburgher(a)gmail.com

Toxik Boys said...

Thanks you for this!!!!!!